About us

Established in 2010, Synergy Group is one of the largest private investment companies in Azerbaijan.

Synergy Group successfully operates a dynamic portfolio, with diverse and growth-oriented businesses in non-oil sector. The businesses provide employment for over 2000 people directly and thousands of employment opportunities in the entire business chain.

Synergy Group’s multi-sector portfolio consists of large-scale investments in the following areas: manufacturing, construction, ICT, agriculture, hospitality, education, health care and banking. Most of the businesses operate outside of Baku; and thereby, strongly contribute for enhancement of economic and social development of regions in Azerbaijan.

Investment strategy of Synergy Group is based on achieving long-term growth by ensuring high returns on capital.

Mission & values

Mission: to achieve long-term growth and greatest impact on development of invested areas.

Modern Azerbaijan is growing fast and carries enormous potential for sustainable development. These opportunities make our country an important player in the world economy, strengthen Azerbaijan’s investment capacity and foster intensive international partnerships. All of these require a new generation of business management.

Synergy Group is a new generation investment company which strives towards sustainable future and creates substantial returns for shareholders.


Integrity – We believe in working with integrity, trust and respect among our employees, our shareholders and our partners.

Striving for synergies – We believe in conducting our business by developing partnerships and synergies within our companies and with our partners. We strive to combine know-how with the long-term vision and international standards of doing business.

Excellence and innovation – We aim at excellence in all our business projects, apply innovative approaches and solutions in overall management, decision-making, day-to-day business operations and technologies.

Teamwork – We believe in skills and strengths of our employees and subsidiary companies, as well as our partners to work towards the mission.

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